How are guests counted?

Our pricing packages are structured around your guest numbers. The guest number on any package refers to the total number of guests who can view / access and upload to your gallery. Here is the link to our pricing page:

When a guest accesses the gallery for the first time, they add their name. This is how our system determines the total guest count and so the host can decipher which guest uploaded each photo. Note: If two guests enter the same name without an email address, their images will be stored in one named folder when you download your zip file. 

Guests can access and upload to the gallery as many times as they want (either through the QR code or via the URL & PIN), and they will only be counted as one guest. If the same guest needs to use a different device, they simply enter the same name they originally used upon first access.

Please note: we provide 2 additional guests to every gallery for host testing purposes.

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