Can I ask people to add files directly to my cloud storage drive (eg icloud, google drive or onedrive etc)?

That's certainly an option. Here are a few reasons why we think GUESTPIX is a better option:

  • Your drive either isn’t password protected or likely requires a google or microsoft (or similar) account. This either leaves your drive open to potential abuse, or offers a significant hurdle to upload - rather than our simple QR code or link with integrated passcode solution
  • Your GUESTPIX gallery is curated (edited) by you so you don’t end up with unwanted items taking up your storage in the first instance.
  • You can choose if guests instantly see everything uploaded or keep it private until you've reviewed it and are ready to share it.
  • GUESTPIX offers peace of mind knowing it's security is tight screening everything that is uploaded to your gallery eliminating viruses and spam.
  • We provide you with video playback within the gallery so you and your guests can watch uploaded videos (if in your package). 
  • Our slideshow feature can be used for any event and is included with every package. This allows you to play both photos and videos with some other customization available.
  • GUESTPIX allows comments and titles to be added by guests to their own uploaded photos. 
  • The guest experience is easy to navigate and provides guests with a welcome message, feature photo, a guestbook option and a remind me later email containing the link to their hosts gallery. 
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