How can I get as much content as possible?

There are plenty of ways you can get lots of content from your guests. Some ideas are:

  • Add your QR code to your event stationery such as invitations, menus, booklets, agendas and centre of table cards. Editable Canva templates are included with every purchase.
  • Add a mini 'Take Home QR Card' to your place settings so guests can slip it into their wallet. We provide editable Canva templates for this.
  • Add your QR code to your welcome signage.
  • Ask your MC to introduce it in their speech and remind guests throughout the event. The most uploads happen when the host is enthusiastic about having guests share their content - so encourage your guests.
  • Inform your event helpers to remind guests to upload.
  • Set up a challenge where guests can upload their photos for a prize.
  • After the event, send out your URL link (with PIN) so late stragglers can add to the gallery in their own time.
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