How far in advance can I purchase GUESTPIX for my event?

It's completely up to you as GUESTPIX caters to both past and future events. If you're wanting to purchase for an event in the future, we recommend purchasing anytime within 2 years of your event. If you're unsure about the date of your event, you can add a placeholder date in the future and change it when you know. 

Your 12-month hosting window and 3-month guest upload window will begin from the date of your event - not your purchase date.

We have some customers who purchase on the day of their event so it's really up to you!

One benefit of purchasing before your event is that you have time to print out materials with your QR code. We supply editable templates in Canva including table cards, signage and more as part of your purchase for you to edit and print locally. 

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