How does the slideshow function work?

Every GUESTPIX purchase includes access to the slideshow. Depending on your package, this may include photos only, or both photos and videos. 

Once you've logged into your host dashboard, navigate to "Actions + Slideshow". It will open a new tab and it's best to use a Chrome browser for the slideshow.

You can toggle on "Live Refresh" on the slideshow to automatically include new photos and videos (no manual refresh required. Don't forget to press Save afterwards!)

Once a guest uploads photos and videos, they are synced across our global servers and this is usually very fast for photos. Videos can take between 5 minutes to an hour to sync, depending on how large in size they are.

If using the “Live Refresh” setting, it will play through everything you've selected – where you can choose to play videos either mixed in with photos, at the beginning or at the end. Once it’s completed one rotation, it will automatically loop back to the start and include any new synced uploads will be included.

Our newest feature is the "star" setting. As the host, you can star your favorite images or videos and choose to play them only. This is particularly helpful, if you've collected photos before the event, and only want to show the best ones.

In terms of then connecting to a screen, we have a “fullscreen mode” for the slideshow that you can activate, then there’s 3 options to connect it all up:

  1. Run the slideshow on a laptop and connect it via HDMI to the screen/projector
  2. Cast from your device/laptop using google Chromecast from the Chrome browser over wifi
  3. Use screen mirroring software from your device to the screen

We have found most hosts do 1 or 2. Also, we recommend that you ensure you have a good internet connection – once the images in the slideshow load once, they are cached and don’t need to be loaded again. But new images have to be downloaded from the internet, and we make sure that they are in full resolution (so sometimes they are 5-10MB each and can take a couple of seconds to load).

We are happy to provide further information. Please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

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