What's included with my GUESTPIX purchase?

With every GUESTPIX purchase, our customers will receive:

  • Digital Gallery that saves all of your guests photos, guestbook messages (and videos/guestbook videos if in your package).
  • Your gallery will open 2 weeks prior to your event date so you can test it out and become familiar with it before the main event.
  • Unique QR code and URL (with PIN) that links to your digital gallery.
  • Editable Canva Templates to personalize and print locally to display your QR code at your event.
  • 12 Month Hosted Storage: Guests have a 3-month upload window from your event date (or purchase date if your event is in the past).
  • Delete Function so you can keep only the best content.
  • Video Gallery: This feature is for packages that include video uploads (Medium tiers and up). This allows for videos to be uploaded and watched in the video gallery by guests in playback mode (if you want to share them, or you can hide them from all guests). Note that it can take 1 hour for videos to be synced across our servers and be encoded for video playback before they are available for viewing. Often it is much faster than this.
  • Video Guestbook: This feature is available in packages that included videos. To enable this setting, navigate to "Set Up + Settings" to activate this feature. Guests will be able to record in-the-moment videos and upload them to the video guestbook. You can choose to hide the uploaded video guestbook messages you receive from being viewed by all guests.
  • Guestbook: You can receive written guestbook messages from guests. There's no character limit on how long a message can be. These will be included in your zip download as a CSV file.
  • Slideshow: The slideshow feature allows hosts to play their photo and video gallery as a slideshow at their event (or anytime within the 12 month window). To use this feature, hosts will require an internet connection. See separate FAQ How Does The Slideshow Function Work for more information on how to set this up.
  • Zip Folder Download Link for the host (and guests) after event containing all original resolution photos for printing, guestbook messages (and videos if in your package). Hosts can activate the setting for the zip link to be available to guests in their guest portal. Note the host will need to download the zip first, before it will be available for guests to download.
  • Guest Photo Download Option Hosts can activate the setting for guests to download individual photos/videos from the gallery in full-resolution. You can activate this in "Set Up + Settings" via your host portal.
  • Disable Guest Uploads: This is ideal for those who only want to share their own photos such as professional wedding photos, corporate photos and the like. 
  • Disable Guestbook: If you don't require the written guestbook feature or video guestbook feature, you can disable the guestbook entirely, so that no reference is made for guests.
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