How do I setup GUESTPIX as the host?


Step 1: Purchase your package & set the details of your event - 2 minutes. You can add a welcome message for guests and a feature photo.

Step 2: Download your instant QR code and/or share your URL with guests. We provide you with BONUS editable Canva Templates to display your QR code. We find many hosts add their URL to their digital invitations or event website. You and your guests can upload photos, videos and guestbook messages using either of these methods.

Step 3: Receive all the photos & videos. Watch as guests upload to your private gallery. It's so simple and best of all it doesn't require guests to download a photo sharing app.

Step 4: Download your zip file to keep forever. We organize your zip into folders by guest, including a separate CSV document for guestbook messages. Or you can download everything in one file.

You can download to your desired device within 12 months of your event. You'll have these unforgettable memories forever.


Your gallery will open 2 weeks before your event date so you can test it out and get familiar with it before your event. Guests have a 3-month upload window from your event date.

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